The daily usage of impact Tester is relatively easier as well as its detection, but people are lack of concern on its routine maintenance. Products need to be tested strictly before mass produced and launched, and enterprises are to expand their business as per the policy of being responsible for customers.

1, The assistive devices that are easily to rust or unused for long time, such as jags, jaws, connecting pins etc., should be painted with antirust oils. Corrosion is one of the main forms of fastener damage, and will cause large loss to the automobiles, motorcycles and all kinds of vehicles and machines. Statistics suggest that direct economic loss caused by corrosion takes up about 2%~4% of total value of national economic output every year. Device fasteners will play a due part if antirust management is strengthened in every step of productive process in concert with using sound cleansers, packing materials and antirust oils, otherwise it will not achieve desired effect even if using the best antirust oils.

2, For impact tester, it should be paid attention to keep clean of the jaws of clamps and relatively slip surface and avoid being knocked. Disintegrating slag and fragment in the jaws should be cleaned in time, please clean by steel brush dipped in gasoline if the jaws are blocked, hard implements are not allowed to use for the cleaning.

3, Testing machines are commonly large scale precise testing instruments and should be noticed to waterproof and moistureproof, the middle cross beam and working table should be painted with antirust oils usually to avoid rusting. Above is the knowledge of routine maintenance of testing instruments in common use, please follow that to take good care of the testing machines.



Notice on Falling Ball Impact Tester
Current Situation of Chinese Universal Instrument Manufacturing Industry in 2011



Routine Maintenance of Impact Tester

The daily usage of impact Tester is relatively easier as well as its detection, but people are lack


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