There are 5 testing methods in plastic density testing standard in which the most common method is density gradient method due to its accurate testing result, easy operation and maintenance. The key point and the most difficult operation in this method is the density gradient liquid making process. The usual practice is manual operation, mixing light and heavy density liquids which have affinity in the gradient tube, after several times density balance operation, it completes the liquid column with desired density gradient. Standard density floats will be need to judge if the density gradient liquid is qualified, after the calibration, a well linear distribution gradient liquid should be acquired under specified density difference. The manual operation need operator be with rich experience and patience, even so failure would occur frequently, and the factor includes infusing rate, stirring rate, the liquid density range in gradient tube and the operator’s carefulness when shifting the density tube, all the process need around 90 minutes and will be restarted if failed, it is a trial for the operators lack of experience.
       Automatic liquid maker system is a technology developed in recent years in which the most typical is Shibayama Scientific Co., Ltd in Japan, their system is composed of a bump and a controller, the liquid making process will be finished automatically after setting the operation conditions and a well linear density gradient liquid will be acquired. It will be more convenient and stable compared with the manual preparation in the standard.


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There are 5 testing methods in plastic density testing standard in which the most common method is


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